Friday, September 9, 2016

Birds Watching and Photography

Birds watching and photography is one of the hardest projects a photographer can try to do.
There are many things to be considered when a photographer planning to take photos of birds.
Besides the technical issues of photography such as type of camera, composition, colors and more, all the preparation for shooting a photos of birds needs a pre-research.
Here I'll try to tell you what things I do before going out and taking birds photos:
1. Where to take photos of birds?
Well, you can go the most easy way, the zoo. At a zoo, you can find easily many species of birds (and other animals) like waiting for you to take your pictures. But, the trouble with that is that in the most zoo parks the birds will be in a cage. Taking a photos of birds in a cage might be difficult due to the bars which can interrupt your work or getting inside the photo frame.
For me, the best place to take a photos of birds is the wild, nature, national parks and regular parks. As long as the birds aren't inside a cage, this will do.
I also recommend you to look online on the web and check, read and even ask people to tell you where you will find good location for bird watching and photography. 
2. Species. Of course, there are so many species of birds, so you got to do a research before what birds you going to find over your destination. Check which species located in this place and read about it's behavior, is it a fast flying birds or slow, where is it hiding, is it birds that like staying over the water or land, and so. This knowledge will help you determine how to take your photos of that bird.
3. Birds-Photography Composition. Before you get our for taking photos, check out other's works of birds photography and try to learn some great compositions of birds pictures, so you'll get a great photos.
4. Time. A lot. Getting the best frames you can, requires technical skills of using your camera, but you also need a couple of hours on your photo-action. You must be patient until you will get some great frames depending on the bird itself. If it standing on a branch or as it's flight. Don't give up, after some shots, you will get your desired photos.
5. Camera type and configuring. Taking photos of any element that moves all along might be hard for simple cameras types. Most of the photos will go blurred and so. If you want to get high quality and resolution photos, you need at least a camera that has a speed-shooting feature/mode. Most of the SLR and DSLR has this feature. So, if you have one of those, its only a matter of configuring the setting of the camera.
That's it for now.
If you like, you can visit this Birds Photos Collection - you might come out with ideas.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Autumn Leaves

One of the best seasons a photographer can ask is the Autumn. Obviously, photos of "Autumn Leaves" and "No Leaves Trees" are at the top priority. You can find many trees at utumn on our Trees category in our website . Let's show you some...
Tree at Autumn

Autumn Leaves

No Leaves Tree - Autumn

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Nature At It's Best - The Simple Nature

I have visited many places, amazing and beautiful places. Stunning places. But there was places which made more impression on me, I call it “the simple nature”.
The Simple Nature
The simple nature is a spot that I captured on my camera which made me calm and connected, such as this photo. All you get at this spot: Tree, clear water spring and a small piece of land. This is the simple nature for me, the basic or the roots of the nature: plant, water and earth. This roots gives you an amazing feeling of a strong connection to the nature, the nature at it's best.
It's make you calm, quiet, makes you feel and understand that this is all you need. Basics.
So, I brought this photo to try, even if it's a little, to make you feel what I felt. Try to focus on this photo and find what it makes you fill.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amazing Paris!

I visited PARIS!!! YAEH!
Paris is one of the most beautiful, interesting and amazing cities I have been visited. So much to see, places, monuments, museums, restaurants etc. but unfortunately I had only 7 days to reach it all. So I planned it all ahead and was ready to visit the most of it. I think.

Academie Nationale

De Musique, Paris

After the hotel check in and some rest from the flight, I took my camera and started tour the city as planned. I saw so much of it, so many monuments to see, beautiful and artistic buildings design, architectures and culture.
Starting with the Eiffel Tower, reaching to see the amazing beautiful view of Paris from top. Couldn't hold my excitement, I was planning to start my walk and passed through so many beautiful and romantic streets.
Afterwards I went to The Lovre Museum, Academie Nationale De Musique, Église de la Sainte-Trinité, Arc de Triomphe and many more amazing places that everyone must see in Paris.
I invite you to see my Paris Gallery and taste a little bit of this wonderful city.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Orchid Beautiful Flower Free Picture

One of the beautiful flowers ever I have seen is the Orchid.
 The Orchid has many colors, you can see some on my website, I have taken
photos of purple, white, pink and yellow orchis.
 This special flower is so ellegant and beautiful that I could noticed it from a
 big distance.
 So, I took some pictures of it to share it's beauty with you.
 Take a look on the flowers page Free Flowers Pictures

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Update: we have uploaded new pictures

We are happy to inform you that many new pictures, images and photos were uploded to our free pictures website.
You are invited to visit and browse new pictures. Visit:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jerusalem Free Pictures

Jerusalem Free Pictures
If you looking for nice Jerusalem Holy City free picture you can browse my website. Jerusalem is one of the beautiful cities in the world, a holy city with special atmosphere which connect you to highest level of spiritually.
The beautiful city of Jerusalem offer a lot for photographers. There are many sites to visit and big as small items you will find, hiding and waiting to be revealed.
You may visit my website a see some pictures of this great city.